1 simple trick to take control back

Whether it is food or getting ready, never ask your child, “do you want this [insert whatever]”. Instead, give her two options that are most suitable to you.  This way you get your child to behave the way you want them to while still letting the child feel they made the decision. A neat little trick and it really does work.

For example with our 2 year old, we never say, “let’s wear sunblock!”.  Instead we will say, “you want to put sunblock on your nose first or your right cheek?”.  All of a sudden the fight isn’t about whether to put sunblock or not but more a decision for her to decide where she wants her sunblock to go first.

Similarly with food, never ask, “do you want to eat carrots for dinner?”.  Instead say something like, “do you want carrots or beans?”.  By offering choices we have been able to not only “have our way with the kid” but also have minimized resistance from her on just about everything.

Try it!

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