10 Things You Can Feed Your Kids At An Indian Restaurant

My husband and I love to eat out. When the kids came along we decided that we would incorporate them in our lives versus putting our life on hold for them. This has meant we have traveled extensively with the kids. I have had over 10 international trips with my 4.5 year old. It’s not all fun, it requires planning and a LOT of patience. In the end it turned out great, my daughter is quite the seasoned traveler and I am happy that we get to travel now, when the husband and I have the energy to travel. I don’t want to wait till the kids are older to travel, who knows what tomorrow holds.

This has also meant that we take them with us to eat out whenever we want to try something new. So here’s my first post in a series on “What do you feed your kids at a specific type of cuisine/restaurant?”  Our first stop Indian Food and wherever possible I have linked to recipes on my blog in case you want to make any of these :) :

1)      Raita – yogurt mixed with mint, cucumber, tomatoes and other spices. It is always good to order yogurt at Indian restaurants incase something fires up your mouth.

2)      Naan – Indian flat bread. They have plain, garlic and lots of other variations.

3)      Tandoori Chicken – Chicken marinated with yogurt and other spices. It is generally mild tasting. Ask the restaurant folks to not sprinkle any additional spices on top. You can always remove the outer layer and give the inner pieces of the chicken to the kids.

4)      Saag Paneer – I love love love this dish. This is my childhood favorite. A great vegetarian option and very nutritious too.  It’s a spinach dish with indian cheese.

5)      Pilaf/Pulao – stir fried rice. Rice spruced up with nuts, berries and vegetables.

6)      Dal – lentils cooked with onions and tomatoes. They are generally on the milder side.

7)      Lassi – The Indian Smoothie – take some yogurt and add some mango or just drink it plain.

8)      Kheer – Indian rice pudding

9)      Kulfi – creamy Indian icecream.

10)   Papad – lentil wafers. These are served either as fried or roasted on the fire. They are crunchy and the kids just love them. Papad can come mild or spicy or tangy, make sure these are plain.

Have I missed something?

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