11 year old Birke Baehr’s perspective on kids and organic food

Most parents work hard at making the right food choices for their kids. They focus on feeding their children the healthy stuff but convenience, peer influences and marketing $$ often dampen their efforts.

Have you heard of a 11 year old named Birke Baehr?  He gave a speech recently about food supply, organic food and farming on TED, and the speech has gone viral. I was intrigued that someone this young cares so much about real food so when Birke agreed to an interview with me, I was really excited .

One would think that choices are limited for someone into organic food, but Birke says “There’s organic alternatives to everything”. What does he like – EVERYTHING!  He definitely loves his greens – fried okra, collard greens, green beans. YUM!

Greens are so powerful and good for you. SO many of my recipes(Kale Spinach Pesto, Easy way to get your kids to eat Brussel Sprouts, Lentils with Spinach etc. etc. ) for kids focus on green veggies. As a toddler, Birke says his mother fed him everything – broccoli, beans etc. “She gave me everything and I ate everything except for creamed spinach.”

So there you go, advertisers – kids want to see organic stuff on TV. As for all you organic farmers, you don’t have to worry about having the correct Disney character on the packaging, you just have to have a funny character on the packaging that intrigues the kids.

So from a young person’s perspective, here are some things parents can do to raise healthy children who care about where food comes from:

1)     There are a lot of different movies on Youtube that educate children on GMO, etc. Watch them with your kids. They will get it. Kids are smart.

2)     Instead of just saying ‘This is bad for you’, kids need to hear what will happen if they eat unhealthy food. Explain to your kids, ‘If you eat this, this will happen’.

3)     It’s never too early to get kids interested in food. You can start off with 5 year olds- just explain it at their level.

We know we will hear a lot from this young man in the future but hats off to his parents for raising a kid who loves to eat healthy and is so well spoken!

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