Celebrating Diwali (Indian New Year) with Preschool Friends


Last week was Diwali. It is the Indian New Year and is probably the biggest holiday for people from India. When I describe Diwali to my non-indian friends – I pretty much say that Diwali is July 4th, Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one … [Read more...]

4 year old Simone talks about her favorite snack – Pistachios


My kids loves nuts! I keep them everywhere in the house. Need a quick snack? Grab a bunch. Running out the door without breakfast? Grab a bunch of nuts and a banana! Nuts are great for kids (and adults too!) as they are full of fiber, fatty acids, … [Read more...]

Know your sodium style?


This post brought to you by Sunkist S’alternative. All opinions are 100% mine.   My last recipe of 1 minute Kale Sauté that used olive oil and lemon got me thinking that sometimes it is nice to cook without salt. I use salt in my … [Read more...]

1 minute Kale Saute


Kale is a staple in our home. The kids eat it atleast once a week. We eat our Kale in Kale/Spinach Paneer, Garbanzo Spinach/Kale Pancakes, Kale/Spinach Pesto, and Crispy Kale Chips. I am embarrassed to admit that I had never tried Kale till early … [Read more...]

Is “This Is The House That Jack Built” book stinky?


First reaction when I saw this page in a book I was reading to my daughter  - wow.. so many varieties of cheese for the kids to learn Heck, even I learnt about “Port-Salut”.  I had never heard of Port-Salut till then. When I looked at the … [Read more...]

Winner of the Potato Giveaway

The winner of the potato giveway is: Deb H. Her comment: I love potatoes…any type of potato! What type of potato I use leads me to how I prepare them. In the cooler months I will usually make up a five dozen double stuffed potatoes in 10 … [Read more...]

Yumkid’s Favorite Finds on the Web 10.14.11


Another week just flew by, I have idea where time goes between work and driving the kids around. One of the things that really surprise me about parenting is the amount of driving one has to do. Here is my list of favorite things from the web. Every … [Read more...]

A few important basics and a Kale Spinach Paneer Recipe


Head on over to EatingRules.com for a guest post by me on the basics of eating healthy and a yummy Kale Spinach Paneer recipe. … [Read more...]

Puff Pastry Veggie Paneer Pizza


A few days ago I made fresh Paneer at home after a very long time. My initial thoughts after taking my first bite of homemade Paneer and watching my kids enjoy homemade Paneer was that I will never buy store brand again.  Okay that was wishful … [Read more...]

Sliced Baby Potatoes in Tomato Sauce and a giveaway


Flavor and speed are two things I am always striving for in getting food on the table. I am always looking for ways to serve things differently to my kids to get them to build a varied palette. When Frieda’s asked if I would like to try these … [Read more...]