4 year old Simone talks about her favorite snack – Pistachios

My kids loves nuts! I keep them everywhere in the house. Need a quick snack? Grab a bunch. Running out the door without breakfast? Grab a bunch of nuts and a banana! Nuts are great for kids (and adults too!) as they are full of fiber, fatty acids, omega 3, and other vitamins.

Here 4 year old Simone talks about Pistachios.



What are your kids favorite snacks?


  1. Pistachios are one of my daughter’s favorite snacks, too! :-)

  2. amee says:

    Oh my goodness this is soooo the cutest video. THanks so much for sharing. it made me smile!

  3. amee says:

    ps – i can’t even talk into the camera well – she did a very good job!

  4. Rashmi says:

    :). Yeah that comment about “talking to the camera” made me crack up when she said that while I was filming. She loves doing these videos.. and she has a good time doing them.

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