5 Essential Nutrients for healthy children – Part 2: Calcium

The second essential nutrient is calcium and this should be no surprise.  Calcium is needed for bone growth as well as preventing fractures. Calcium is found not only in the bones but also in the blood.  Surprised?  So was I!  It turns out the calcium in the blood helps with heart rhythm and blood clotting.

Do you know if your child is getting enough calcium?

One quick tell tale sign of not getting enough calcium in both adults and children is by looking at the nails.  If you see white spots on your nails that could mean that you are not consuming enough calcium.  These spots go away in a few days when you increase your calcium intake unless there is another underlying medical condition.

So how much calcium does your child need?

A child’s daily calcium needs vary with age, says the Institute of Medicine, the group of experts that set nutrient quotas.

  • 1- through 3-year-olds need 500 milligrams
  • 4- through 8-year-olds need 800 milligrams
  • 9- to 19-year-olds need 1,300 milligrams

How do you get your kids to eat dairy?

Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Provide dairy with every meal.  Limit the intake of juice and sodas so the children are more inclined to eat dairy.

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