A Healthy Children’s Halloween Party

healthy halloweenI just came back from what I think is an awesome healthy Children’s Halloween party at my daughter’s preschool.  I really wish more parents would throw such birthday/parties around Halloween.

So what made it awesome?

1)  For starters there was no candy for trick or treating or a candy treasure hunt.  Instead the school had lots of games like fishing and throwing little bean bags in the pumpkins, for the children and they won little prizes such as masks, spiders etc. They did have one game where you had to reach up to eat a doughnut, but the doughnuts were mini and that game was towards the back. The surprising thing was that no child was complaining about the lack of candy. They were just happy to be with each other.

2)  The savory dishes were served first during lunch.  Infact the deserts were inside in the kitchen when lunch was served.  Since it was a potluck there were so many home made dishes that the spread was absolutely amazing.  The kids had their plates full of chicken pieces, barley beetroot salad, zucchini and carrot coleslaw, veggie fried rice, spidery deviled eggs, and plenty of fruits.  After playing for an hour and a half the kids were hungry and they ate everything on their plates. By the time the desserts were brought out the kids were already full, as a matter of fact so were the adults so everyone consumed very little sugary stuff and didn’t get into a sugar coma. I thought bringing the sweet items out after the lunch was very clever and I will probably do that in future kids parties rather than having it already spread out.

This was my first event at this preschool and I was really happy when I left the party as every single parent there made the effort to provide all the children a healthy Halloween.

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