A meatball trick — how to use the extra meatball mixture

Here’s a little trick about meatballs!  When you make the mixture for the meatballs, make extra and keep is aside aka freeze it if you want. When you are scrambling to get a meal on the table – use the extra meatball meat, sauté  it with some onions and tomatoes and you have a yummy minced meat dish that you can mix with pasta or rice.

This is exactly what this dish is! I had made some spinach lamb meatballs over St. Patty’s day and kept some meat mixture in the freezer, well that became dinner tonight.

It took about 5 minutes to have the meat done. All I did was heat some oil, chop some onions. I sautéed the onions for 2mins, add the meat mixture and added some fresh tomatoes. Viola! An incredibly simple, easy, and quick dish for dinner was ready!

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