Activity – let the child do the grocery shopping

simone shopping in a Farmer's market

Simone shops at a local Farmer's market

Now that my daughter is getting closer to 3 and is somewhat aware of her surroundings, I have to start thinking about how she perceives the world around her. For example, I don’t want her to think food magically appears in a refrigerator.

To give Simone a bit of perspective, I want to get Simone interested in going to the Farmers Market. Not just to sit in a stroller and stare, but get into the “this is where we get food” mentality. As I was trying to figure it out, I got lucky and came across a wicker basket for produce shopping like those you see in old pictures. Even better, I found a small sized one that is perfect for Simone.

So off we went this past weekend, all of us, to Farmer’s Market. Simone carried her purse and her wicker basket, and I helped her make small purchases to fill up her basket. An orange here, a beet there and pretty soon she had filled up her basket. The vendors were  bemused but played along, taking the money that Simone took out of her purse and handing her change. Simone was ecstatic at being involved in a new activity.

I really recommend this activity. Get a basket for your child. If he is a boy, you can use a pail if he is not(or more likely the father is not) comfortable with a basket. If there is no farmer’s market near you, you can go to the nearest supermarket and shop with him. Hand your child a few dollars in a little purse or wallet and have them pull it out and pay the cashier.

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