All the reasons I love Thanksgiving….

Four days from today is one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving to me transcends religion, race, and class. It is about friendship, giving thanks, and sharing and creating new memories with family and friends, old and new. It’s about trying out old and new recipes.

fallharvestI think Thanksgiving is especially fun for children when it comes to the variety of food for them. With the turkey, mashed potatoes and all the wonderful fall harvests, there are so many things that children can and must eat. The fall harvest is very nutritious so giving the children exposure to the different fruits and vegetables will allow you to incorporate new items into their diet. Finally, whether or not you typically eat meals together with your child together during the week, you will during thanksgiving, so use this opportunity to talk to your child about what they are eating, how good it is for them, and most importantly how thankful you are to have them in your lives.

I am planning on doing the following with my daughter over the coming week:

1)Take her grocery shopping to buy the ingredients of the Pumpkin Cobbler pie that we are making to take to our 2 thanksgiving dinners we are going to. Including her in the preparation process will make her get more excited about the event as this is the first thanksgiving that she has some sense of what it is.

2)Have her help me make the pie. Come back to the blog to see our video making the pie.

3)Have her taste everything on the table during thanksgiving.

Till about 2 years ago I used to host Thanksgiving at our place. For my first Thanksgiving, I forgot to thaw the turkey till 3 hours before the dinner (actually I did not know you had to thaw it) and we did not have a turkey that meal (till this day my friends always remember celebrating Thanksgiving with a frozen turkey). So I am sad that this year with a 2 year old and another baby due in 2 weeks, I haven’t been able to indulge my family and family in one of my favorite holidays of the year. However, I am happy and thankful for my family and actually looking forward to enjoying a nice meal with really close friends.

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