An easy way for healthy grocery shopping

Through this blog, my goal is to not only talk about recipes and things that are essential for raising healthy children but also tools and products that enable parents to help raise children with healthy eating habits.

Previously I had talked about how Smart Choice labeling is a scam driven by brilliant marketing and how most of the products especially cereals that have the labels are nothing but cups and cups of sugar.

Enter  A website, currently in beta, that rates the products you buy based on how it impacts your health, environment and society on a scale.  A great idea!  This is the brainchild of Dara O’Rourke, a professor from University of California – Berkeley.

So what is GoodGuide?

An  iPhone app that lets users scan bar codes at the grocery store and receive instant feedback.   Sure makes grocery shopping easier doesn’t it? This app has about 11,000 food products and this number is growing rapidly.

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