Anti-Obesity Ad Campaign

What do you think of the new anti-obesity ad campaigns as shown on the Today Show?  Good idea? Bad idea?


  1. I haven’t seen this, but getting awareness out there can’t be a terrible idea. I would have to see the ads to really know if they are done well, though.

  2. Where to start on this . . . I love the idea of increased awareness of how kids are feeling on the issue of childhood obesity. If parents or mental health practitioners think that children that are carrying excess weight aren’t aware of that fact (and haven’t most likely been teased in a hurtful way about the excess weight) they are not paying sufficient attention. Better to have a realistic dialogue with people that care about you (i.e. family members) and can point out all your amazing characteristics and features, as well as help you work on the things, both physically and emotionally, that need to be worked on. That is what all of us need; excess weight just happens to be one of the things that some of us are working on. Demystifying it, talking about it in a healthy, esteem building way and presenting simple, practical, effective, affordable and real food strategies to work toward increased health (which includes moving toward a healthy weight range)is the way to go. If these ads can move families in that direction, then more power to them. Let’s see how stage two and three of the ads pan out and if they fulfill what their creators said they were hoping to achieve.

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