Apple Carrot Juice


Williams-Sonoma (a brand that I absolutely love!) asked me to share my juicing journey, hence this post.

Last Summer I came across an old gadget friend of mine that I had long forgotten about on the top shelf of our pantry.

When I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and a big no no was drinking juice. As a result, I had largely eliminated juice of any kind from my diet and I had forgotten about my juicer.

When I saw my juicer again after 6 years, I knew I had to introduce it to my kids and make fresh juicing part of our menu planning at home. We normally don’t keep any beverages other than milk for the kids. I do, however, make freshly squeezed orange juice and the kids love it.

Hence, my juicing journey restarted. 

Kids love the idea of juicing. They help out during the juicing process and as a result are more likely to drink the juice and develop an appreciation for fresh juice.

I serve fresh  juice twice a week to my family as part of a meal. I serve smaller volume, so that we don’t have too many calories from the juice. Produce we have juiced in our home:  mango, apple, beetroot, pineapple, carrot, guava, cucumber, watermelon and strawberries. The list keeps growing.

There have been some failures too along the way:

1)   I always add ginger to apple and carrot juice and if you have added too much, the kids complain it is bitter. If I can add ginger to a juice recipe, I do, as ginger has tremendous health benefits.

2)   I thought adding whole lime instead of lime juice would add another complementary flavor. Well, it was a disaster. It was sooooo bitter that juice could not be salvaged.

Thinking of starting your own juicing journey?  Check out some juicers at Williams-Sonoma.

Here’s a simple apple-carrot recipe that is very popular in our home:

Apple Carrot Juice
  • 4 apples
  • 3-4 medium sized carrots
  • ¼ inch ginger slice (increase quantity per taste)
  1. Cut apple and carrots into large chunks for the juicer.
  2. Push the produce through the juicer.


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