Baba Ganoush aka Eggplant Yogurt baby food puree

Try giving your kid eggplant and yogurt puree as a solid food and watch them love it. If they don’t what’s the worse that will happen – they will have a bite or two of it and then refuse? This way you have introduced them to a new flavor/taste and with the left over eggplant yogurt puree you can toss in a few herbs such as parsley and spices and you have fresh and healthy baba ganoush for the rest of the family. Baba ganoush recipe for the family will be posted soon but this simple puree is a great way to introduce your child to eggplant/brinjal.
Making this puree does take a little bit of time as you need to roast the eggplants but it is worth because in the end you get some yummy baba ganoush for yourself. I made both the puree and the baba ganoush for the family a few days ago and the whole family loved it.

Here’s how I made the baby puree:

1 medium to large sized eggplant

1/2 cup yogurt

1/2 garlic clove

1 tsp olive oil

Grab 1 medium – large eggplant and using a fork prick the surface of the eggplant and roast the eggplant on a kitchen burner till the skin chars and us uniformly charred and crispy on the outside. You can char the eggplant skin the same way in a broiler (see here to see how the end result should look like)

Once the outside skin is charred, peel  the skin and remove the eggplant flesh. Take ½ cup of eggplant flesh and add it to ½ cup of yogurt ( I used whole yogurt), add ½ clove of chopped garlic. Take half of the mixture and puree it in a blender. Mix the pureed mixture with the remaining half. Add 1 tsp of olive oil and serve to your lil one.

The many names this was referred to in our household by my 15 month old– baby goo, baby ganoo, baby goosh..


  1. Sumi says:

    Hi, do we sauté the garlic or blend it raw?

  2. Rashmi says:

    The recipe calls for raw, however, you can use do both – saute or raw. It will bring out different flavors.

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