Bacon Black Eyed Peas Green Herb Patties

I am a big fan of kebabs or patties. Kids love them too. They are awesome finger foods. They are multi purpose – you can eat them for lunch, snack, dinner, school lunches and serve as an afternoon snack! My 2 year old inhaled these patties. They have this smoky bacon flavor that just makes everything so yummy! Doesn’t bacon just make everything better?

Try them – Black Eyed Peas are still in season and they are full of fiber and potassium. Presoaked Black Eyed Peas are available in your local Ralphs if you are in the Southern California region.

Did I also mention that you can freeze them too?

Makes: 25 patties

1 11oz Frieda’s presoaked Black Eyed Peas (about 2 cups of Black Eyed Peas)

2 uncooked bacon strips

1 small bunch cilantro

1 small bunch parsley

1 small bunch chives

1tsp freshly grated ginger

1 tsp freshly grated garlic

1 tsp salt

1 egg

1 cup of bread crumbs ( I crumbed my dried 9 grain bread, but use any bread crumbs you have)

Oil for frying

1)      Boil the presoaked Black Eyed Peas till they are cooked. This should take approximately 20 minutes.

2)      Drain the water and keep the Black Eyed Peas aside.

3)      Cut the uncooked bacon strips into small pieces and add it to the black eyed peas.

4)      Finely cut all the green herbs (cilantro, parsley and chives) and mix together. You will need about ½ cup of the finely cut green herb mixture. Add the green herbs to the black eyed peas.

5)      Add the ginger, garlic and salt and mash the black eyed peas mixture using your hands or a potato masher.

6)      Add an egg to the mixture to bind it. Form into patties about ½ inch thick and an inch wide.

7)      Roll the patty in breadcrumbs.

8)      Heat oil over medium high heat in a large skillet. Cook the patties until nicely browned on both sides, about 3-4 minutes per side.


  1. Lana says:

    As my girls grow older, it’s harder and harder for me to come up with good school lunches. In Ohio, they ate inside and had a microwave, so I could pack leftover soup, pasta, whatever. In SoCal, they are always outside and don’t like to tote plastic containers with them after lunch:) And I am sick of sandwiches!
    Bean patties would be a wonderful change of pace for them (and me:)
    BTW, I hope the wee ones managed to get back to our time zone and allowed you a few hours of sleep:)

  2. Rashmi says:

    Let me know how they turn out. :) I love patties. You can put anything in them and make anything. Yes they finally got over jetlag after almost 20 days. Hope to see you around one of these days.

  3. Those look great! They might also be good with some spinach in them!

  4. Rashmi says:

    Great idea. I should try that next time.

  5. Valentina says:

    Rashmi, these look amazingly delicious!

  6. Rashmi says:

    Thank You!

  7. oakley says:

    And the Blackeyed Peas are back at Ralphs this year! Grab a $1-off coupon for them here:

    Rashmi, we’re going to share this recipe again!

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