Benefits of soaking Almonds

In one of my posts from last week, I wrote about how almonds are very high in Omega 3 and should be included in your child’s diet in you want to raise smarter children.  I have been giving almonds to my 2 year old from the time she was 9 months old.  I would soak the almonds overnight in water and you will be amazed to see how they double or even triple in size overnight.  I would peel the skin and scrape the almond and let her eat the almond paste or you can pound it if you want (this is how almond milk is made).  There are ways in which almonds should be consumed in order to enhance their nutritional benefits.  Soaking almonds improves their digestibility and the amount of vitamins that can be absorbed by your body.  For more details on soaking and sprouting read this article.

Here’s a picture of almonds prior to overnight soaking and after being soaked.


Disclaimer:  I understand that many people have serious nuts allergies so please take this advice with a grain of salt. Most pediatricians say that children should be given nuts only after 1 year.  The only reason I started my 9 month old on nuts is that during my pregnancy I consumed a lot of nuts and we have no family history of allergies.


  1. sunitha says:

    how many almonds per day is ok for 18 months old baby. can i give almonds even in summer to my child

  2. Rashmi says:

    The big problem with nuts is the risk of choking a kid so make sure you grind them up or give almonds in very small pieces. You can serve nuts all year round; we eat nuts the whole year. Somewhere between 30-35% (depending on your child’s weight) of daily calories for your kid should be fat. They really need it for development. Nuts are both protein and fat so depending on other sources of protein your child you can consider nuts as protein also.

    In terms of how many nuts should an 18 month old eat? Recommended daily fat intake is 33-54 grams per day (for 2-3 years old, hard to come across data for 18 month old). Assuming that all you feed is almonds to your child, the maximum can give is about 50 nuts (that’s plenty!) Use this as a guideline so upto 10 almonds a day is probably pretty good.

  3. mandeep says:

    my child eat 2 almonds in a it ok

  4. Geeta Rana says:

    my baby girl age of 2 years old she is eat a 3 almonds in a day…is it ok?

  5. Rashmi says:

    Please confirm with your doctor as I am not a medical professional. However, I was giving my children nuts starting from 1 year.

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