Book Review: Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World

Over the last few weeks I have read the “Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World” book by Brenda Wollenberg and I have walked away with lots of new information on raising healthy kids. Brenda is a Registered Nutritionist. To me, that’s a huge plus because she knows what she is talking about.

When Brenda reached out to me about reviewing her book, I was very excited and eager because raising healthy children both emotionally and physically is every parent’s primary responsibility and eating impacts a child in every aspect of their life.

The core of the book focuses on how to get your kid to be in balance. She even has a catchy acronym, “KIB”. It lays out a plan on how parents can help move their kid achieve their ideal weight. The things I learnt from her book:

1)      Diets need to be focused on the person type. There is no such thing as one diet fits all.

2)      Yummy Recipes – Although the recipes didn’t include pictures (one thing most food bloggers love looking at), the recipes she has in her book are yummy. The popular ones in our home have been baked tomatoes, tofu sour cream, roasted chickpeas, and cod teriyaki. The book has a great collection of unique recipes.

3)      Brenda has a clear and understandable, step by step process to help you go towards a healthy living goal for your kids. It’s not a fill-in-the dots approach. You have to put in the time to figure out how to make it work for yourself. But I think that if you put in the time, this book can be a very valuable resource.

Although this book is targeted to 5-18 year olds who need to get to their healthy weight, you can take most of the learnings and start applying it in your household even if you have younger kids or have kids that have a healthy weight.  You can purchase the book from Amazon by clicking here –  Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World: Easy Weight Loss for Teens and Children or A Nutritionist’s Step-by-Step Plan to Keep Childhood Obesity Facts From Making Your Kid a Childhood Obesity Statistic
(Note: I will get a very small referral fee for this).

As parents we want to give our kids the best of everything we can so why not give them the lifelong legacy of eating well.



  1. Myriam says:

    As with any other body fat loss plan and technique, your final results will rely on numerous elements that only you handle. One particular of those components is how nicely you adhere to the plan.

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