Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day….


I overheard this conversation in an art class that my 2 year old goes to.

Mommy 1:  He doesn’t eat anything.  I think he lives off of fries.

Mommy 2:  Yeah! [mommy1],  mine doesn’t eat anything either, but  she loves potatoes and chicken.  What does your son eat for breakfast?

Mommy 1: I don’t really like to eat breakfast so I put stuff out in front of him and hope that he eats.  Which he rarely does!

This got me thinking, children emulate everything that their parents do.  If you don’t like to eat breakfast, how can you explain to your child that they need to eat breakfast.

Research has repeatedly shown that, the children who ate breakfast prior to school had a general  increase in math grades and reading scores, increased student attention, reduced nurse visits, kept their  weight under control, and skipped fewer school days.

Click here to see more details on an article on kids and breakfast.

In our household, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, even if it often means getting up early to cook and eat it.    What are you doing to get your kids to eat breakfast?

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