Broccoli Peanut Butter Soba Noodles

Quick and simple is the mantra around the house at the moment as I am getting used to a hubby who has a much longer commute than his previous 5 minutes, a preschooler who needs to be out the door in the mornings by 8:30 and an 8 month old who insists on being fed his breakfast the same time as his dad and big sister eat breakfast. So needless to say mornings are chaotic in our home but that’s the story in every home with children.

I had to pack a school lunch for my daughter today and I had less than 10 minutes to make it. So I whipped up this recipe using peanut butter, soba noodles, tofu and broccoli. It was so yummy that I know I will be making this recipe more often from now on.

Soba noodles are made from buckwheat, a grain high in vitamin A, calcium and selenium. They cook in 2 minutes and are great for kids with allergies as they are gluten free. I bought our soba noodle pack from Whole foods.

Peanut butter is a great choice for kids who are not allergic to them. The butter contains an incredible amount of Vitamin E (good for the nervous system) and a great source of protein.

Here’s the recipe:

1 packed soba noodles

2 medium florets of Broccoli cut into small pieces

1 tbsp Oil

½ brick of Tofu cut into cubes

2 tbsp peanut butter

Salt to taste (optional)

¼ cup water (optional)


1)      Prepare soba noodles according to package instructions and drain well. The package I used did not require to be cooked; I just had to heat it for 2 minutes.

2)     Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium high heat.

3)     Add Broccoli and tofu and story fry for 2-3 minutes.

4)     Add the soba noodle and the peanut butter and cook for 2 mins.

5)     You may need to add water to dilute the peanut butter and mix it with the noodles.


  1. Nicole says:

    I love this recipe. I am going to try it for my preschooler. Will keep you posted on how it turned out.

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