Buying Frozen Produce is good for you

Closeup View of Frozen Veggies

Closeup View of Frozen Veggies

Like most people, here is how I used to shop for my produce:

My first priority would be to check the Farmer’s market, then the fresh produce in the supermarket and finally the frozen produce.

Now it turns out that the frozen produce is far more nutritious than supermarket fresh produce.

So here’s the new order in which I buy produce in order to get the maximum nutrients:

1)      Your garden if you are one of the fortunate ones to have a garden

WHY? – Because similar to the Farmer’s Market produce, you pick the produce at its peak ripeness and maximize its nutrients.  Furthermore since you grow it, you have every control over the type of soil, the type of fertilizer, etc.

2)      Fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season at the local farmer’s market

WHY? – Because they have been freshly picked and are at their peak ripeness and have maximum nutrients.

3)      Frozen produce from the supermarket aisles

WHY? –Because the produce is frozen almost immediately after being picked. The  majority of the nutrients are still present. The same applies for seafood.  Just pick frozen fruits and vegetables only, NOT ‘prepared’ fruits and vegetables with sauces etc.

4)      Fresh produce in the supermarket

WHY? – Because the produce can come from everywhere, sometimes it is flown in from the other side of the world. You never know how many days it has been since it was picked and when you are consuming it. And with every passing day between its picking and your purchase, the nutrients are reduced.

I believe that if we buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season from the freshest sources, kids are more likely to eat the veggies and fruits because they taste so YUMMY at their peak!

Buying fresh produce e in season is also much cheaper than buying it out of season (no rocket science here!), so I actually try to freeze certain produce(berries, green garbanzo peas etc)  from farmer’s market when it is in season so I have it throughout the year. Doing this actually cuts down on our carbon footprint as you are buying locally and freezing locally!  As a kid I never understood why my parent’s freezing was full of produce that wasn’t in season or why they froze and that it was funny! But they are having the last laugh as I am doing exactly what they did!

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