Can a DVR keep your child healthy?

I believe so!  So a recent study published in Children’s Health Magazine shows why TV ads make our children fat.  It turns out that the food advertisements shown on TV can make children eat/snack more as these ads portray the actors being completely satiated after eating the food.  Since children tend to model what they see and younger children under the 8 are developmentally unable to separate persuasive behavior from genuine behavior, these ads make children snack and eat more.  Also, children who watch these food ads not only learn about the unhealthy food items and start asking for them but also eat 45% more snacks.  Wow!

girl eating lollipop

So what’s my solution to deal with this?  I say get a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) so you can skip the ads when the kids are watching TV.  This way the kids are not exposed to these food ads as much.  DVRs are increasingly becoming common now. According to a latest study we are at almost 35% market penetration, which means that 1 in 3 American households has it.  DVRs are very cheap and you can often get them from your cable provider for a few dollars a month.

Why let the companies win the marketing game?

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