Caramelized Figs with Sweet Cream

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I love entertaining, Now a days I just wish I did more of it. But entertaining can also be a lot of work – grocery shopping, pre planning, cooking, cleaning the house, and post party clean up. Previously I used to make everything from scratch till I finally realized that as long as I have a star dish in each course, my guests and I will be happy. So now I have one killer item in appetizer, entrée and dessert.

Having a star dish in each course is equally important when it comes to BBQs. A few years ago when we used to host BBQs, I found myself running frantically before, during and after the party as I would make each marinade and each sauce from scratch. There were a few BBQs where I must have spoken for 15 minutes combined with my guests. Well no more! Things are different now. I have a repertoire of simple, quick and easy recipes that I use so that both my guests and I enjoy.

This Caramelized figs recipe from CookingLight is one such recipe in my repertoire. It looks so fancy and yet so simple and easy to make.  I often play with the flavors of crème fraiche. I either mix in some vanilla bean or add in some lemon zest into crème fraiche and I have the most amazing, summery dessert.  Added bonus, the kids can help coat the honey on the figs. Alternatively you can also use Pluots or Nectarines instead of figs.


What are some of your favorite BBQ desert recipes?


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