Cardamom Honey Frozen Pop (Zoku)

Do you like cardamom?  I find that people either love it or hate it. Cardamom is a strong intense spice and people globally use it to flavor sweet and savory dishes. Often I throw 1-2 green cardamom pods when I am cooking rice and the cooked rice has the most amazing flavor.  So if you like cardamom, this Zoku is for you.

Makes 1 Zoku
2 oz whole milk
1 green cardamom pod
1 teaspoon of honey

1) Crush the cardamom pods using a mortar and pestle.
2) Add the crushed cardamom seeds, honey to the milk and mix completely. Honey settles at the bottom so you want to make sure, you stir it in the milk.
3) Fill the Zoku pop maker and wait till the mixture freezes. This should take about 5 -7 minutes.


NOTE: You can use the recipe to make frozen pops using pop molds.

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