Chicken, Rice and Veggies to introduce a new texture

Having your child explore textures with their mouth is a vital part of the eating experience. They have undergone so many transitions, from 100% liquid food (breast milk or formula) to puree, to semi-solids and now to solids, that we have to help them manage the transition each step of the way.

As my little boy grows up (he just turned nine months) I continually try new types of food with him. I created a yummy dish that he loved to eat, but I had to feed it to him in two different forms.

I made this rice dish in the pressure cooker: minced chicken, carrots, spinach and short grained rice. It is an easy one-step,  one-pot prep: I put all the ingredients in the pressure cooker and it was ready in five minutes. I then served it to both the nine month old and the three year old and they both found it yummy. The nine month old ate about 15 bites, exploring the textures with his mouth and then he stopped. I didn’t think he was full, so I instead pureed the rest and fed it back to him, and he ate it all!

I like this dish because it looks good (that’s my bias!), and it is healthy with all the veggies and meat, and there is no added sugar or salt. It is easy to cook this nutritious meal with the pressure cooker (which I will recommend to all my readers every chance I get).

Even though my little one is better at eating solid foods, I still sometimes use the trick of “puree the rest” to get him to eat the entire portion.


1 tsp butter

1 shallot diced into small pieces (you can use a small onion instead)

1 carrot cut into small pieces

1 cup spinach cut into small pieces (fresh or frozen – I used fresh spinach leaves)

½ cup miced chicken

1 cup short grained rice


1)     Place your pot on a medium heat. I used my small pressure cooker on a medium heat.

2)     Add the butter and the cut shallots and sauté till they are translucent. This should take about a minute.

3)     Add the cut carrots, spinach, chicken and rice to the pressure cooker or your pot.

4)      Add water to cook the rice mixture. For the pressure cooker I add about 1 1/2 cup of water.

5)      Cook till it is done. In the pressure cooker it takes about 2 whistles till it is cooked (about 4 mins).

6)      Cook down and serve.

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