Children Recipes from the World Series: India Kichadi

We are finally starting our journey in trying kid recipes from around the world.  I had written a few weeks ago about how inspired I was after watching the movie Julie and Julia that I am going to try a new children’s recipe from around the world and vlog our experience about it. Well, today was our foray into showing our readers new exciting recipes.  We made kichadi from India, a rice and lentil porridge from India.

Kichadi is very often amongst the first solid foods given to infants. This dish is not only a toddler favorite but the adults love it also.  It is also frequently eaten when people are sick and want something simple and light to eat.

There are lots of ways to make it, you can use any lentils you want, add any herbs or spices you want.  You could also add some veggies to the dish while it is being cooked.  What I have here is a very basic simple recipe that can be tweaked as needed to your taste buds.


½ cup rice

½ mong dal or green gram lentils

2 small shallots cut

2 cups water

Salt to taste

A pinch of turmeric

Check out our video to see how we made it.

My daughter’s response when she had it?  Yummy!  So yummy in my tummy!


  1. Najla Bose says:

    I did not see your Kichadi recipe, but I have one, if you would like it.
    My husband is South Indian so there are lots of kid friendly dishes that I cook at home.

    Here is a very easy one (and a staple for South Indian children):

    Curd Rice

    Mix full fat, plain yogurt (Brown Cow or Pavels are my duagher’s favorites) with cooked Basmathi rice (about equal amounts). Add sea salt to taste, and a pinch of cumin seeds crumbled in your fingers (skip the cumin if your child is picky, but you can try it the first time because it is good for the digestion and adds a nice flavor).
    Variations: add shredded carrots (cooked) or shredded zucchini

  2. Rashmi says:

    @Najla – thank you for sharing this quick, easy and healthy recipe. I will try it out and do a post on it soon.

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