Children World Recipes Series: Japanese Salmon Rice

This week  Simone made a very quick Japanese inspired Salmon Sushi Rice with a Japanese friend of mine.  Here’s the video of her helping, cooking, and finally trying out what she made.

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients and instructions on how to make the recipe:


11/2 Sushi rice or any short grain rice

1/2 pound salmon

3 tbsp Sushi Vinegar

1 tbsp roasted Sesame Seeds

A bunch of Oba leaves (available at Japanese stores but you can use other alternatives – see below)

Salt to taste.


1) Grill the salmon in the toaster oven for about 10 mins at 350 F.

2) Cook the short grain rice separately.

3) Mix the salmon and the cooked rice.

4) Add the Sushi vinegar

5) Add salt per taste

6) Clean the oba leaves with a wet tissue and cut into small pieces and add to the rice and Salmon mixture.

7) Add the sesame seeds.

8) Enjoy the dish!  It is very delicious.

Alternatives you could use for the recipe:

1) Make Sushi vinegar from Vinegar as following: 3/4 cup white rice vinegar plus 1/4 cup sugar plus 2 teaspoons salt. Rice vinegar is easily available at any major grocery store.

2) Instead of Oba leaves you could use cilantro, basil, mint, or spinach.

3) Roasted Sesame seeds are available at any major grocery store.

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