Chocolate Banana French Toast

(Photo Credit:, Johnny Autry)

Doesn’t any dish that has powered sugar sprinkled on top always looks so delicious and elegant? When I see powdered sugar, I instinctly want to eat the dish. When I want to completely spoil and indulge my kids, I sprinkle powered sugar on their pancakes and French toasts.

Powdered sugar on these Chocolate banana French toast looks amazing. You cannot go wrong with a dish like this. I have made it at home and have taken it to my kid’s school for potluck and each time, it gets cleaned up in no time by children and adults alike.

When I am in a hurry, I skip the French toast and use plain multi grain bread and make the chocolate banana panini.

For weekend brunches and special dinner i.e where you eat breakfast for dinner, I make the Chocolate Banana French Toast. Recipe found here on


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