Coconut Juice a great alternative for sports drinks for kids

Instead of the usual sugar loaded drinks such as Gatorade after a long day of running outside, give your child coconut water/ coconut juice the next time your child is tired after running around. The sweet, clear liquid is naturally high in potassium and electrolytes, which the body loses through perspiration.

Coconut juice and small young coconuts are now widely available in the US . Or you can buy prepackaged coconut juice from Zico and Vita Coco and have it with you when you need to replenish your child.


  1. The idea of coconut juice instead of sports drinks for kids is an appealing one, especially given the recent trend towards more natural drinks and less chemical additives in our daily lives. However, coconut juice can be quite expensive, especially compared with the usual run of sports drinks and how often children need to drink them. In addition, it can be dangerous to drink liquids without sufficient salt in them. Potassium and B-Vitamin complex are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to a complete electrolyte profile. Still, if the kids are sensitive to preservatives and synthetic chemicals, coconut juice sounds like it can be quite useful.

    Donald from Sage Tea Sweating

  2. Normand Spearmon says:

    Coconut water is great because not only it provides you with a tasty juice, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. ‘::`’

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