Creamy Pistachio Zoku – Persian Style

Creamy Pistachio Pop

Creamy Pistachio Pop

I love pistachios and have written about their health benefits before. Pistachios have a reputation for being ‘exotic’, but you can get them reasonably priced at Costco. I call it Persian style because Persian food has a lot of pistachios and yogurt, and I thought about some delicious Persian marinated meat while I made this Zoku. I mixed up a little Zoku with pistachio to enjoy a mini-heat wave here in Southern California.

Creamy Pistachio Zoku(Makes 1 zoku)

Take about 10 pistachios and grind them down into a fine powder, so you have one and a quarter tsp of pistachio powder

3 tbsp milk (I used whole, you can use skim, 2%, etc. Whole makes it creamier, though)

2 tbsp yogurt (The creamier the better)

Honey or other sweetner to taste (typically 1 tbsp is enough)

Blend it all together, pop it into the Zoku, and you will have creamy goodness. If you can, enjoy this after a little marinated chicken, Persian style, and it will be a real treat!

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  1. Karen says:

    I love your Zoku recipes — can’t wait to try this one with pistachios!

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