Do you act with your food?

Have you ever role played with food?  It is so much fun and gets the kids so excited. Earlier in the day we were trying to get my 3 year old to eat chicken gravy with some homemade biscuits and she was not too keen on it.  So after trying the usual tactics of us eating to show her, us cajoling, my husband then tried something new. He went behind a wall and said “I am Biscuit. Where are you, Gravy?”

He motioned to me that I was supposed to play the part of ‘Gravy’. I said, “Here I am, Gravy”. He

then came out and held out his arms and skipped over to me, saying “Biscuit needs Gravy! Biscuit

and Gravy go together”. He then came over and embraced me, and we both turned to my daughter

and said, “See? Biscuits and Gravy go together”.

My daughter smiled and clapped and lapped up a few bites of gravy and biscuits. She loved the game so much that we played the game the whole meal with each of us taking turns at ‘being’ something that was on the lunch plate. In the process she ate 2 biscuits, lots of chicken gravy, some eggplant and gave and received plenty of hugs.

This episode made me think about how we as parents are forced to think outside the box to get our

kids to behave or eat the way we want them to.  Next time you have trouble getting your kids to eat broccoli, or something else, try pairing it up with something they like. If they like cheese, put on a small skit that says ‘Cheese and Broccoli go well together’.

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