Easy proven way to get your kids to get Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Bruseels Sprouts Salad

Like most people when I hear Brussels sprouts, I cringe!  So I wasn’t sure how I would get Simone to try them.  I didn’t want to broil it or cook it as overcooking can cause Brussels Sprouts to release a sulfurous odor, the main reason why most people dislike Brussels Sprouts.  So I came up with this quick salad recipe using Brussels Sprouts and Japanese Rice Vinegar. Rice Vinegar has a sweet taste and is used in Sushi, but it makes this salad absolutely yummy. Japanese Rice Vinegar is found in most grocery stores in the US now.

Here’s how I made the salad:

1)      Shred/Cut Brussels Sprouts into thin slivers

2)      Add Rice Vinegar to the Brussels Sprout according to your taste.  You can add more if you want it to be little sweeter.

The Verdict – This recipe was so easy to make that it was ready in 3minutes.  When I served it for dinner, I initially didn’t disclose that it was Brussels Sprouts, I said that it was cabbage. Simone and my husband both loved it.  Simone, my 2.5 year old, was picking up the shredded sprouts and eating it as is and really liked the taste. That is when I said – these are Brussels Sprouts and Simone asked – can we have this again?

This was my first time making Brussels Sprouts at home and after today’s recipe, I know I will be making it more often. What’s not to like about Brussels Sprouts? It’s packed with valuable nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamin K, Vitamin C etc..  It is in the top 30 Super foods of ANDI score. They are known to cut the risk of cancer. If you are pregnant this is a great source of folic acid and if you have gestational diabetes, cabbage is considered a free food item so you can load up on this salad.

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