Eating healthy on a budget in Disneyland

Disneyland is expensive! I feel fortunate that I have an annual pass so I can amortize the entrance fee over the year (we are at our 12th visit for this year). Inside the park everything is ridiculously overpriced: the food, the merchandise. The lines are long for mediocre food, and the healthy options are limited. They have fresh fruit, but the prices are ridiculous. $1.79 for a banana?

After several Disneyland visits where we have tried eating in the park, bringing food from home, eating at Downtown Disney, we have finally figured out how to eat healthy and cheap at Disney.

Here’s what we do:

1)   Always have a hearty breakfast before entering Disney. This keeps us fueled till lunch time around 12. We typically enter the park right when it opens.

2)    For lunch, I typically get 2 smoothies from the Schmoozies stand in the Hollywood Land in California Adventure and a smoked turkey leg. The smoothies are $5 each and the smoked turkey leg is $9. The smoked Turkey leg is massive- and surprisingly VERY good. One smoked turkey leg is enough to feed my family of four. The protein and the smoothies combination keeps us energized for the afternoon and the belly remains full till dinner time.

3)   Around 4 o’clock we stop by the Dole  Tiki hut in Adventure Land (Disneyland) in front of the Enchanted Tiki Room to get 1 Softserve and 2 Floats. It costs around $13, but the Pineapple juice on a hot day is the most refreshing thing one can find at Disneyland.

(Source Credit: Scotty Sauce D

4)   If my kids want a treat, I let them share a churro, ($5) amongst the four of us. Yeah, it’s a sugar stick but it’s tasty. But skip the churro bites ($5) which are too sugary and they give you very little. If you want to see what a real churro looks like, go to Costco, where you get a truly massive churro for the same $3 price.

What do you eat when you are at Disneyland?

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