Every Child Must Learn About Food

Our nighttime routine goes something like this:

1)   Do a quiz app on Ipad

2)   Watch a Ted Talk

3)   Read a book

This makes our bed time routine longer than I would like, but I love the benefits my kids have received by watching the TED talks. I love the look of awe and the realization of all the possibilities when we watch TED talks. They have learnt about Roto the Robot, which my 5 year old will get on her 6th birthday, we learnt about the school for the masai girls in Kenya, and we learnt about the giant squid discovery  and this amazing deep sea diving video done by a woman confined to a wheel chair. Finally, the talk by Jared K has inspired my 5 year old to publish her own short stories. She writes a story a day.

These talks have sparked an amazing sense of creativity in my kids. They look at the world with a desire to be part of a solution.

Tonight we watched the Jamie Oliver’s talk on TED. It has over 3 million views and it is one of the most amazing food talks I have seen. I admire him for what he has been doing when it comes to teaching kids about food.


Like him, I believe that kids need to be taught about food from the beginning.  Like him, I believe that kids should all know a few recipes so they can fend for themselves.  I believe that as a parent, it is my responsibility to feed them healthy and nutritious food, and also educate them about food.

Jaime Oliver inspired my 5 year old, because after watching it, she said, “I want to make cooking videos to teach other kids how to cook” :).

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