Everyday Thai Cooking Book Review

Everyday Thai Cooking

Since this is my first post in 2014, I want to wish my readers a very Happy New Year. Here’s to new beginnings, new opportunities & new accomplishments!! Hope this year we all dream bigger, try new things, be loved and love, spread kindness and get wiser. This year I hope to blog more. Working 60 hours a week and raising a young family didn’t give me much free time to post in 2013. I am determined to change that in 2014.

Speaking of new accomplishments, I am happy to report that I am no longer intimidated by Thai food. I used to find Thai food overwhelming and very complex. I suspect this is how many people feel about Indian Cooking also. The credit for my new found comfort in making Thai food goes to the Everyday Thai Cooking cookbook by Katie Chin.

I had the privilege of attending her book launch party at fellow blogger Erika Kerekes’s home where she demoed a few of her dishes. Once I saw and tasted her fried rice, I knew I was hooked. At the launch party I had the most incredible Coconut cake (recipe in Everyday Thai Cooking book). Over the last one month I have made that cake 4 times and each time everyone who ate it was raving about it.

I now make Thai soups often at home. A big plus! I really like this cookbook. Anything that helps someone get comfortable with a new cuisine is a big plus in my books.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow. The cookbook is available on Amazon. Get it if you want to explore Thai Food, you will not regret it.

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