Exciting New Products coming for Kids…

I had a very fun and interesting day today attending the Natural Food Products Expo in Anaheim, CA.  I spent a lot of time looking at products for children.  The trend at the moment appears to be gluten free, trans fat free, no preservatives and no peanuts.  I sampled and brought back a lot of samples and will be writing about them on the blog over the next few days. I walked around for six hours and I still could not cover the whole expo. That should give you some idea of how many companies and people are trying to do something in this space.

Here are my thoughts:

I was amazed at how prevalent Stevia as a replacement for sugar has become in these products.

Agave nectar and Stevia are the new buzzwords in the health industry.

A lot of small European organic food manufacturers are looking to enter the USA market

Everything that you can eat, put on your skin or feed your pet can be had organic: I saw organic pet food, organic makeup, organic clothing and even a wacky organic women’s health product called the Diva Cup. I am never going to talk about the Diva Cup on the blog!

I saw a lot of cool products, but I am concerned that these products are not available at a reasonable price. And that is not because of profiteering. The cost of the ingredients is quite high. For all their drawbacks, trans fats, preservatives and corn syrup have drastically brought down the price of the average meal. It is hard to justify five dollars a pound for Mary’s Air-Chilled chicken, preservative-free, when you can buy regular chicken for sixty-nine cents a pound at a regular supermarket.

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