Fight Kidney Stones with Water

Did you know more and more children are getting Kidney Stones?  Kidney Stones, which till a few years ago was associated with middle aged folks, is now increasingly prevalent in children.

How do you get kidney stones?

Kidney stones are tiny crystal clumps that form when too many substances build up in the urine stream. With our current lifestyle of sodium heavy diets (think Goldfish crackers and packaged foods) and beverages such as soda and milk, the kidneys have a hard time processing the high amount of salt. Combine that with the lack of water… you get Kidney Stones.

What you can do:

1)      Drink more water! Keep glasses of water around the house so that your child can sip as needed.

2)      Play a game of “drinking together” this includes doing cheers also.  Basically you drink your glass of water and have your child drink from his/her cup and every so often you toast and say cheers.  Children love to feel like adults and this always seems to work for both liquids and food.

3)      Try flavored water.  Tap water is blah and in certain parts of the country it can taste funny or funky. Here in Los Angeles, the tap water smells of chlorine. The only way I find myself drinking it is if it is cold. We have been flavoring our water at home and the water tastes yummy.

Here’s a quick mixed berry mint infused water recipe.  This has become our go to water drink over the last few weeks.  I toss in frozen berries medley from Trader Joe’s(Raspberries, Strawberries, and Blackberries), and a few mint leaves into a pitcher of water.  Keep the pitcher in the fridge for a few hours and take the jug out during meal times.  The benefit: everyone drinks more water.

Berries Mint infused Water

Berries Mint infused Water

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