Finally, Healthy Farmed Fish!

farmed_salmonI think farmed fish, done right, is the best idea since sliced bread. Farmed fish is theoretically a good, cheap, tasty protein source. If we can grow fish that tastes good, is not polluted, has low environmental impact and is priced right, we can give our kids a wonderful meal and feel good about it from all angles: environment, health, price.

Until now, this has been a fantasy. I say until now because I came across this news that I just had to share. If this thing works out, we could be eating Coho salmon, the king of salmon, for a dollar a pound.

A fish farm company called AquaSeed has received the “Best Choice” rating on Seafood Watch’s Web site. This is not a little gold-star you buy at the corner store. This is a big deal. You can read the whole article at the website of prestigious magazine Scientific American. They will sell the salmon under the brand name ‘SweetSpring Salmon‘.

Aquaseed  raises  Coho salmon is land-based tanks, and according to the article they have done an excellent job.

The environmentalists are saying that this is high in nutritive value and are safe from pollutants.

This is great news for all us Moms, who are trying to find good, reliable, reasonably priced sources  of food for our families. I personally can’t wait to buy this fish to try it out. Whole Foods is one of the stores that will be carrying this fish very soon.


  1. Leanne Oscar says:

    FYI, raising fish in tanks doesn’t mean it is any healthier. I would agree that there are better producer of farmed fish than others, and that Aquaseed may be one of the good producers, but I would argue that there have been lots of very good sources of farmed fish (salmon included) that have been available to you. Perhaps you’ve just been caught up in the wild vs. farmed nonsense that is more about marketing than anything else.

    Don’t be so impressionable and talk to the producers before you believe “prestigious” journals.

  2. Rashmi says:

    I agree with you that there are very good sources of farmed fish. It really does come down to the producers and where they distribute. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who these producers are and what labels they sell under. When I find this info, I iwill definitely post it on

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