Ginger Honey cough remedy for kids

My month old niece has been in the hospital this week with RSV.  When I visited her today, I saw a really sad sight. Since my niece is in a shared room, her roommate is another  month old girl. The baby is in the hospital by herself!  This little baby keeps crying because she wants to be held. Everytime she cried hysterically, we wanted to run over and hold her. We held back as we didn’t want to get into trouble. So, we would talk to her and calm her down.

I cannot think how a newborn can be left alone in the hospital with no parents or family near by. I asked the nurse where her family was and the nurse’s response was that her family had to work the first time.  The second time she responded by saying some people just cannot make it. After a while of responding to the baby’s crying, the nurse turned the TV on for her and left her.

This winter has been a tough winter for flu and colds. I want to share one herbal treatment I have been giving the kids for their cough.  It’s a ginger/honey concoction. I give my kids a teaspoon every 2 hours and within a few hours, I see improvement.

This honey/ginger restorative is simple to make. Grate some ginger, squeeze the juice and add equal amounts of honey to the ginger juice. Take a teaspoon every 2 hours.

Another option for dealing with colds and cough is this natural cold and cough remedy.

How are you staying healthy this year?  Have you tried any of the healthy tips from  My favorite healthy tips – Don’t ditch breakfast and live in the ‘now’.

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