Ginger Pork Meatballs

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We have a dinnertime ritual where everyone says their favorite dish of the meal at the end of the meal. I make a mental note of the daily favorites so I can make the popular dishes in the future.

The day I made these Asian inspired Pork Meatballs,  my husband and my kids both said that their favorite dish was the meatballs. The Asian Inspired Pork Meatballs were the winner among – Burrata Salad, Asian Cole Slaw, Lamb Kebabs, Mint yogurt dip, carrot cake, and roasted mixed vegetables.

My 3 year old loved the meatballs so much that with every bite, he said, these are so delicious, thank you for making them for me. Meatballs always win on the menu! They are great any time of the day, okay maybe except for breakfast. With kids they are perfect as school lunch, afternoon snack, for a meal, or as an appetizer.

I loved the ginger flavor of these meatballs. Try them you can serve them with the rice noodles as the Cooking Light recipe does or just serve them plain. Recipe details here

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