Gluten-free recipe for cupcakes

One topic that many parents have to deal with is food allergies. If your child is finicky or continually having trouble eating, you are sure to start suspecting a medical reason. You may be right-the Food Allergy Network says that 1 in 25 Americans has a food allergy.

Food allergies come in various degrees. The effects range from a mild irritation to a life threatening condition. That is why the correct term is ‘xyz-sensitive’, where xyz is the type of allergy.

One type of food allergy is a gluten allergy. In a gluten allergy, you are not allowed to consume any wheat.

If your child is having trouble eating wheat or bread, or if you just want a change, you can try this tasty gluten free cupcake recipe from my friend Jean at I love chocolate so i will be making this recipe at home. Jean also reviewed 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes by Carol Fenste in her post. If your child has gluten allergies this book might be worth investing in.  Personally, I really like the Sorghum flour blend and I am going to be trying new recipes using.


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