Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you know that there are 84 million moms in the United States? Of the 84 million moms, 24 million are bloggers.  Some blog about their kids, some blog about advice on raising children, and some such as mine focus on raising healthy children.  Chances are, you, my reader, like myself became interested in health and healthy children when you became pregnant.

I thought I was healthy and took care of myself, but getting pregnant and having my two little pieces of my heart and soul really took it to a whole new level.  I prepare baby food from scratch, fuss over the brands of food we should have in our home, and I don’t give in to my daughter’s request to eat junk over healthy food at time,  and chances are so do you, you incredible mothers.  (I know there are plenty of fathers also who come to this site.. your day is coming soon).

Regardless of how you do it in your home, whether you work full time, or part time or stay at home, or whether you cook from scratch or add to a precooked meal or order takeout – we all have one thing in common – we are women who love our children! Each and every one of us wants the best for our children.

So Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy this special journey in your life because this journey is too short and thank you for joining me on this journey to raise healthy children.

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