Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my readers! Hope the new year brings incredible joy, healthy and happiness in yours and your loved ones lives. Thank you for your support over the last one year. I started my blog about a year ago with a 5 day old in 1 hand and a two and a half in the other hand. It has been an incredible journey learning and trying to raise healthy children. I thank you for joining me in this journey.

While growing up we always made some sooji halwa (sweetened cream of wheat) and puri on festive occasions. And this is the first year I decided to make it for my family to bring in the new year.  It is made from oodles of ghee (clarified butter), and sugar. It tastes divine and smells diving. It is not something you should eat everyday but today we celebrate life and new beginnings!

What fun things do you do on the 1st of the New Year?

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