Have you ever carved a Watermelon?

I have never carved a Pumpkin let alone a Watermelon. So when I received a challenge from the National Watermelon Promotion Board to submit my entry in their Watermelon carving competition. I was intrigued. I accepted and a few days later I got this package at work:

When I first opened the package at work, my colleagues couldn’t believe that I got a watermelon by mail. I think they are finally getting used to the food packages I receive at work. Sometimes I order packages with my husband’s name (we work together!) so the receptionist doesn’t think I am an online junkie. Back to the carving.The basket from the Board contained supplies to help me with carving. I love their watermelon cutting board and the carving knife. I had no idea what a carving knife looked like till i got mine.  It is  a long narrow hook like knife that you can carve amazing things with.

Yes amazing as long as you know how to carve or have artistic abilities! My drawing skills are limited to a box like house and a sun rising in the background. For the life of me I had no idea how to carve. Or what to carve. After days of thinking about what  to do, here’s my inspiration.

I love Watermelon. The kids love Watermelon. Did you know Watermelon is 92% water?


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