How do you get kids to eat healthy while traveling?

I have been travelling internationally with my 23 month old for the last three weeks. Every 2-3 days, we move to a new city, attending wedding celebrations and often staying with relatives. This is where it gets really hard, moving and staying with people every few days. Each house has a different way of eating and cooking food and what this has meant is that my little baby girl hasn’t eaten well. She eats plain bread or plain rice during meal times or wants to eat junk food during meal times. I actually cut the trip short and came home so I could focus on her diet and nutrition again. My only savior while travelling has been PediaSure. Although, I prefer not to give it as part of the daily diet, I was giving it to her daily as this way I knew she was getting atleast 240 calories, almost 25% of her daily calorie requirement.


Other reasons for using PediaSure include :


What do you do when you travel and stay with other people? How do you make sure that your child is getting proper diet?

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