How to keep your kids eating healthy at birthday parties

Birthday parties are the essential way to mark the children’s rite of passage.  Depending on how close you live to your family and how many people you know with kids you could be at a birthday party once every two weeks.  I know in our case we are at almost 25-30 children’s birthday parties a year with our 2 year old.  That’s a lot of sugar!

We all love to go to birthday parties and have fun, especially the children, who love all the entertainment, the cake and the goody bags of course.  But, we still need to keep our children healthy and here are some ways to keep your child eating “healthy” if you find yourself going to a crazy number of birthday parties a year.

1) Share the piece baby. Next time your child gets her own piece of cake, pick her up and put her on your lap and you both share that slice.  The child consumes less sugar and it’s also good for our thighs.

2) Remove the chocolate from the goody bags.  If you are the parent throwing the party avoid putting candy into the goody bags.  There are so many other fun alternatives such as crayons, slinky, stickers, bubbles put in them.  If you are a parent whose child just got a goody bag with chocolate in it.  When the child is not looking take away and hide 50-75% of the candy as most of the time the chocolate is cheap quality and it is loaded with sugar.

3) Dilute the juice.  If they are serving juice at the party, then dilute it it with water and give it to your child.  Or better yet, give the child water only.  If they are serving juice in cans, open it up and pour it into a glass and dilute it and give it to your child.

father and son eating bday cake

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