How to make fresh homemade baby food in 5 minutes

We are BACK! After a 3 week unplanned hiatus we are finally back in Los Angeles. Over the last few weeks a lot of things have changed.  We experienced a flash flood in our home in India, and it was surreal to first hand learn the force of water. Being away from home has made the kids experience new food and both, yes even my 8 month old, have returned with an expanded palate.

I also discovered the joy of pressure cooking and realized that I can cook fresh homemade baby food and steamed food in 5 minutes. A pressure cooker sure beats using a steamer and even a microwave. Using a pressure cooker is very common in India, every Indian kitchen has one. I have been using a pressure cooker forever, but the thought never occurred to me to use it to make baby food.  The main reason for that is that I have a large pressure cooker for family use, but my incredible father bought me a tiny, baby-sized 1.5 liter (or approximately 1.5 quarts)  pressure cooker.

So this is my latest addition, and I am whipping up a storm of wholesome, healthy organic meals for my 8 month old. The small pressure cooker means that the food is cooked in 5 mins. Once done, I puree it and Voila!  I highly recommend you get one, it will make your life a thousand times easier. This 1.5 liter pressure cooker has been a miracle. I cook meat, lentils, potatoes and all sorts of vegetables all in under  5 minutes. How easy is that? You can get a small pressure cooker in most cities across the US. Just go to your local Indian store, Amazon, or Google it online.

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