How will you be trick or treating?

This week is full of excitement for most children across the US. This week they get to dress up, get to strut their costumes at school and in their neighborhood and get to go trick or treating and accumulate lots and lots of candy.

This week is full of mixed emtions for parents, on one hand you are happy to see your little bundle of joy in their costumes and the other you are worried about the candy the kids will get from trick or treating. As a parent you worry about the candy content РРhow much high fructose corn syrup is there? What color dye is there? etc but if you have a child who is on a special diet, you are also worried about what they will eat.

Check out:, a website that allows parents and kids to make a custom trick or treating map of their area, displaying the home that will be giving out Halloween treats that the kids can enjoy. If you are a treat giver all you do it enter your home address, specify the types of treats you will be giving (gluten free, sugar free, nuts, non-food etc) and the times you will be home. The site is difficult to navigate and the list is small but as the site grows this website will be very useful in the coming years. If you are a treat giver, please do consider adding your info to their list.

Have you tried this site? If so, I would love to hear your experience.

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