I am in LOVE…….

On Diwali, Indian New Year day, I had an amazing treat! Diwali is all about sweets and food and presents, so when I was invited to come get a sneak peak of Sweet! at Hollywood and Highland, I had no idea that for a few hours I would be a kid again.

Sweet! is the newest, biggest, funnest, sweetest and yummiest (are you tired of my ‘est’ already??)  Candy store in the  WORLD! The store has been inspired by legendary candy maker Willy Wonka. It is a place full of discovery and wonder and an eclectic collection of all kinds of candy.

One of the most exclusive Chocolates in this sweet shop are the WONKA inspired candies. Sweet! is the only shop in the world that carries the WONKA chocolates. The handmade artisan chocolates are inspired from Wonka travels. They look so beautiful that you almost don’t want to eat them and when you take a bite, then you don’t know when to stop.

Walking through the WONKA section felt like I was walking into a Wonka movie. It just felt so magical and mystical. They have 4 truffle collections:

  • The Travel Trunk Collection – chocolates that look like volcanic lava, arctic ice floe and a desert cactus.
  • The Kaleidoscope Collection – inspired by the vivid flavors of carnivals and fairs. These are also the most colorful chocolates!
  • Observatory Collection – All about the wonders of space.
  • Square Sweets That Look Round – milk chocolates with unique and delicious flavors.

They have the world’s largest gumball machine that I noticed most men having a hard time leaving alone. Well when a real Ferrari gives you the gumball and the gumball travels 700 feet of track to get into your hands, it kind of makes sense. Check out this Gumball video machine:

Think it can’t better than this? Read on.. you really are in for a treat. In addition to WONKA, there are 12 themed boutiques in the 30,000 sq ft space.

Of the 12 boutiques, my favorite is Sticky, a candy company from Australia . They make the most beautiful and yummy sticky sugar candy right in front of your eyes. When asked why their candy tastes so different from other sugar candies I have eaten, I was told that they use sugar as a raw ingredient instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup. They can customize sweets to your specifications. So, if you want to get a sticky candy with your name in it, they will make it right in front of you. It is quite a show – you can watch the details in my next video., but to really experience it, you have to go to Sweet!

My other highlight was the Chocolate Lab where you create your own chocolate. I am a big fan of the DIY – so I went back after my tour to just experience making my own chocolate bar. You pick your chocolate, your filling and the toppings and the experts make it and you take the chocolate bar home in a custom wrapper. My custom creation – dark chocolate, nutella filling, corn flakes, walnuts and coconut. I took the bars to work and they were gone in no time.

(All the options for making your own chocolate bars!! so much fun for the kids!)

There is another boutique called ‘AS IF: The Shop for Spoiled Girls’. I hope my 5 year old daughter never finds out about this section, although I hope my husband does!

The wacky part was a section called ‘Yucky’, where they had candy coming out of toilet-shaped dispensers. Every corner of the store there’s something fun to experience. I am debating on how of that the fun things in the store I want to share as I want you to experience some of them first hand on your own.

Isn’t this cute?  A little kid entrance door!

This store is a must stop on your visit to Los Angeles!

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