I miss my gestational diabetes diet

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I gave birth to my son and I am actually missing my gestational diabetes diet that I followed for almost 7 months during my pregnancy.  7 month?  Really?  Yes, 7 months.  Most pregnant women do the glucose tolerance test in the 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, but in my case, I had self diagnosed myself at 10 weeks by using the glucose meter to monitor my sugar. I was monitoring my sugar because I knew I was at risk for getting gestational diabetes since I had it with my first pregnancy.

3 weeks after giving birth here’s where we are:

1)        I am 6 pounds lighter now than I was going into my pregnancy.  The diet helped me not gain that much weight.  I think in total I gained 18 pounds and I am not an obese or overweight person.

2)      My newborn is super calm.  I know the first two weeks newborns go into deep slumber but he the few hours that he is awake, he is very calm, not fussy at all. I do believe that the high protein gestational diabetes diet had something to do with it.

3)      I get hungry more often now as I don’t follow my diet as closely as I used to before.  I don’t eat the night snack or the afternoon snack and I find my energy levels yoyo.  So I am actually planning on going back on the diet and see where it takes me. One thing I do know, I have never felt healthier than how I felt over the last 7 months of my pregnancy.

Did you have gestational diabetes?  What did you do after giving birth? What changes did you incorporate in your life?


  1. SK says:

    can you send me a couple of sample menus? I am vegeterian and just found out that i have GD. I am at loss of what i should be eating..i get bored very quickly and 6 meals kinds of scare me to even start planning..would appreciate any advice you have to offer..

  2. Rashmi says:

    Certainly , will email them to you over the weekend.

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