In a rut for breakfast ideas? Here are 100 breakfast ideas…

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals. For kids it is extra extra extra (have I emphasized enough?? :)) important, as having breakfast means that their blood sugars are maintained and they can focus on learning.

However breakfast is a meal that’s easy to skip given the chaos in most homes in the morning. Or you get into a rut and eat the same thing every day. That’s what happened to me. I found myself making fried eggs and bread for breakfast daily for a few weeks with oatmeal every once in a while. It was time to get out of the rut. Cooking Light came to the rescue with their list of 100 breakfast recipes.

There’s something for everyone on this list — baked dishes, smoothies, casseroles, savory, sweet, quick recipes and recipes that are most suited for weekend brunches.

I love the simple baked eggs recipe. Every one can make the eggs to their taste.

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I also love the Banana Chocolate French Toast. You can make this as a dessert or an afterschool snack. Kids will eat this anytime of the day.

My aspiration is to make homemade bagels soon. When i do, I will post how they turn out. The bagels are definitely a weekend breakfast attempt.

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